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Risen Video Series (Play Through)

Hey guys! Your ever friendly Sai here today with a video update! My good friend and second in command here at TNG Kano, has started a new game play through. He is currently doing a play through of the game Risen published by Deep Silver. So far out of two videos he has recorded some hilarious game play so please consider giving them a watch!

Part 1


Part 2 or 2.5? 

Taco On!

~ Sai

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Lookback Friday

So today I was looking through our videos on the page and I was amazed at how far we have come on our channel. When we first started it was pretty damn awkward in our videos. We often had silences or any attempt with humor was met with crickets in the background. Not saying that our videos now are not like this, but a lot of them I feel are not like that. I know personally for myself I do not feel as awkward trying to make videos anymore, even if my humor is lost on all but myself! 🙂  This video is a prime example of what we were. PLEASE forgive our terrible league playing skills or lack thereof. This was quite awhile ago. I watched that video the other and I cringed as I watched it. Hard to watch the videos from the past because we really were pretty bad. I feel we are coming into our own finally. Over a year ago (march 7 2013) we uploaded our first video to YouTube, and just now I think things are coming together. Yeah I may not always get videos uploaded when I say I will (shitty internet op) but video content wise it has gotten a lot better. Hopefully as we trudge onwards it will keep getting better and better! I would raise my glass and make a toast to that.


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Game Of the Week: Dungeon Defenders

It has been awhile since I have popped a game of the week post out so here you go!! ( My apologies for that, having a hard enough time uploading videos). For this weeks game I have chosen Dungeon Defenders. While I have not played this game a crap ton I have played it enough to know what it is about the amount of fun it is to  play.  Dungeon Defenders or DD is a Tower Defense/RPG/Strategy game with a side of humor in the oven. Basically as the title suggests you have to defend the dungeon against the hordes of evil creatures that pop out of portals ready to assault your nexus. The game is single player and multiplayer (co-op!!) and while the single player is fun (yes I know I am biased), the co-op game play is much more fun. Currently the game is on Steam for $14.99 but the game is almost always on Steam’s big sales so you can pick it up for some pretty low prices then. The game also has a crap ton of dlcs and extra characters you can purchase but I have not purchased many of them to know if they are worth purchasing. So as a round up if you like tower defense games, strategy games, rpg games, and some good ol co-op fun pick up Dungeon Defenders today!!!


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LCS Summer Split Thoughts

As many of the League Championship viewers are aware the Season Four Summer Split started up last week. With all the recent changes with teams and their rosters I was quite impressed how some teams fared. Team Dignitas showed an impressive display of skill going undefeated surprisingly enough especially after just having a mid and too lane change. They even went as far as to trounce Cloud Nine pretty good. Speaking of C9 their performance was terrible. Yeah first game they took out TSM but after that their game was pretty poor. It even went so far that Complexity Gaming (a team not known for bring that good) taking them down. A huge upset, probably giving them false hope. TSM showed up fairly strong going 3-1, they did have sone issues with coordination though with the support and jungle changes for them. Overall the NA week 1 was pretty good with some pretty intense games. Afraid I did not watch much of the EU games so no comment. What did you guys think of week one?


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Skin Reviews

Hey guys Sai here! Coming at you today with a short blog post regarding League champion skin reviews. I recently found this website that does a lot of gaming related stuff but the thing that interested me the most was their skin reviews. So if you are looking to buy a League of legends skin but you don’t know if you really want it cause heck how many regret skins have you bought, check this site out!


Taco On!


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LCS Sadness

Hey guys and gals, Sai here! So this week has bee na big week in the world of the LCS. There have been quite a few major changes on the rosters of quite a few teams. A few of these roster changes hit quite close to home. Many of you might not know but I am a huge fan of the TSM team. In the past few days TSM has let go their support player Xpecial and their jungler TheOddOne has stepped down from the roster as well. First off let me say I admire both these players very much. TSM letting Xpecial go I feel was a huge mistake. The synergy bot lane between Xpecial and WildTurtle was legendary. But alas I suppose not all good things last. Hopefully the new support Gleegarbu can fill in these shoes. Secondly as to OddOne stepping down. I am not certain that this was a bad thing but I am split in what I feel. I felt during the Spring Split that TSM was being brought down on numerous occasions in some games.  He admitted himself that he does not have the best mechanics and I can agree with that. I feel this hurt TSM a good few times in the LCS. He has in recent seasons seemingly lacked the mechanics of say Diamond (I absolutely love his Lee Sin plays). That being said I am extremely sad to see him go along with Xpecial. I wish them both the best of luck and I hope that Gleegarbu and OddOne’s successor (Amazing from Copenhagen Wolves) can fill these large shoes.

You can find two stories about this here and here.


Catch ya next time!!


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Game Recommendation Of The Week: Orcs Must Die 2

Hey guys! Sai here today with the game recommendation of the week! Honestly this one took me awhile to decide what i wanted to write about. I have not had the chance to play any new games lately nor had the chance to really record anything so I was not too sure what I wanted to do. So without further ado the recommendation of the week!

Do you like tower defense games? Do you likes traps? Do you enjoy blasting your enemies away? Do you like thinking of vicious ways to dispose of your foes? If that is so then please pick up Orcs Must Die 2. This game is an action, tower defense, co-op (when you want), strategy game. Honestly in my own opinion the co-op of the game makes the game all the more fun but hey even if you do not have a friend to play with the game is a lot of fun. I have spent a good few hours blowing orcs to smithereens on this game and can definitely recommend it to any action/tower defense fans.

Have you already played this game? If so what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!! 🙂


Taco On my friends!


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League of Legends Minutia

Hey everybody, Sai here! Just a short -ish post on a few things related to the game League of Legends. Recently the Riot crew released a blog post talking about updating the bots that are in the game. This update is meant to make the bots more realistic (more human-like) and to add more “challenge”. Personally I am a fan of this update. As it stands the bots are not that much of a challenge, even the intermediate bots. Once you have played enough bot games you begin to notice their patterns and rotations and it makes it all too easy to plan accordingly. Hopefully with this update the bots will become more of a challenge than a 20 minute game that is just a slaughter. What do you guys think of the update? Are the bots in need of a overhaul like this? Let us know down below in the comments 🙂

You can find the blog post here.



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Weekly Plan

Hey guys and ladies!! Sai here. Lately I have realized a lot of the content we have been releasing the past few weeks has been just Minecraft videos. Never fear though we have some varied content planned for release this week so keep an eye out for it. We are currently shooting for set days to release videos but with my schedule it rather hard to remain on schedule. Nevertheless we are going to try to release three videos a week. Monday, Wednesday, and then either Friday or Saturday. It is a toss up on the last day because the weekend is hectic but as we get more in the rhythm of this schedule I think we will see a set day instead of a either or.
Catch ya next time!


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Adventures In Minecraft Upload!!

Hey guys Sai here! Got episode 2 of our Adventures In Minecraft uploaded today! Hope you all enjoy. Let us know if there is anything you think we could do better. Also check out the new music on the start and end 😉 Is it good or bad? Personally I thought it fit but I supposed I am somewhat biased!

Taco On!


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