Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

This review is about Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, this is a game I am quite impressed with.
First I want to talk about the graphics I only have one thing to say about it: astonishing
The graphics of Skyrim really makes the world come to life.
The flowing water of rivers and waterfalls just looks so beautiful the snow, and storms just puts a big smile on my face. I don’t usually like to say things from my point of view but Skyrim gets an B+ for the graphics alone.

Secondly the core game mechanics of Elder Scrolls Skyrim.
The mechanics ais a part of Skyrim that does need a little more work now i wont just tear it down
but the mechanics need a little more work as they always have in the Elder Scrolls Series
but it is getting better and always will be getting better the first chance I got to play Skyrim was back in 2012 with that the world interaction is just fine for now the combat system needs some tweaking but it is not that bad now.

Bethesda just needs to make kind of  like a targeting system to help control where you are hitting in third person or first person for example using dual wielding I play an assassin so using both the R1 and L1 does a combo attack at times its hard to control if they made it easier to keep control i would enjoy it a lot more. Everything else I had no problem with.

Finally the story of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim the story I will try to not give any spoilers. Basically Skyrim starts you off as a nobody waiting to be beheaded but something very big saves you from just that. On your quest you will discover some important things about your character and use those skills to keep those power hungry creatures of darkness at bay.

The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim As  a whole game is Amazing despite a few things needed to be worked on the graphics and story are done so well in my view that it carries the weight of minor issues and comes together as a game that I cant get bored of there is so much to do whether it be pillaging or just out for the scenery it will keep you busy for awhile.

~ Jake

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I am a nerd/geek/casual gamer/nice person. I run the blog for the Taco Ninja Gamers internet group as well as manage our various social media spots. ( I am also the CEO of TNG).
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