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Hey guys Sai here with this week’s game recommendation/review of the week. For this week I have chosen one of my personal favorites to be recommended. This game is Battle for Wesnoth. This game was created in  2003 by David White and is a turn based fantasy strategy game. Let me just first say that Wesnoth is a gem. While I have to say I have not always been the most solid of players with the game each time i play it I find myself entranced. not only in the story but the game play is solid as well. Yeah the graphics are not the best graphics out there but that is a bit of the charm of Wesnoth. And to boot the game even has a turn based multi-player. Nothing like amassing that army and taking it out there and whooping some ass. Or in my case not. I cannot say too much for the multi-player but what I have played was fairly good.

Now back to the game itself, it is just awesome. True hard core strategy gamers will probably find the game lacking in comparison with other strategy games but Wesnoth has a uniqueness of its own. A nice addition to this would be the modding that you can do to the game, and also a good number of campaigns within the game. Not to mention the campaigns you can add to the game. So there is practically hours upon hours upon hours of game play. I think this probably turned into some what of a review rather than a recommendation so maybe i will make it both!

Probably in all my ranting about how much i love this game I forgot to mention that it is free to play.  So let’s round that down, it is: free to play; a gem; a fairly good strategy game; with multiplayer; endless modding, a lot of campaigns, a good story line..what more could you ask for? Grant it this game is not for everyone but if you like strategy games or unique games i encourage you to take a look at it. ~Sai

Wesnoth Download

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