Killing Floor Game Review

Hey guys this is Sai here! I am bringing you the game review of the week. This week I am rolling out one of my favorite games ever, and also the game that I have by far spent the most time on (other than LoL). It was also one of TNG’s first games that we played together; that is right you guessed it: Killing Floor. According to Steam records I have spent a total of 142 hours on this game, That is just 2 hours shy of being 6 full days that I have spent playing this game. That is a lot of time if you ask me. By I disgress on how much I have spent playing it, let us perhaps look at why I recommend it. IT’S FREAKING AWESOME!

Oh..that is not a very good reason to recommend something I guess. Or perhaps just not detailed enough. Just the basics of Killing Floor: it is a first person shooter, a zombie (or Zed’s as the game refers to them) horror game, with 6 person co-op teams, 6 different classes, endless fun, and plenty of different maps to play. The co-op alone had me when I first stumbled upon KF (killing floor), at the time I had been looking for  a game that would allow the entire TNG squad to play together. Well when I saw videos on Rooster Teeth’s channel I knew I absolutely wanted to get this game. It was actually for once a good game choice for me and the crew. Looking at Kano’s Steam stats he has played the 167 hours, even more than I have played, and Jake sits at 103 hours played, (Matt  has only put in 45 hours noob). Overall we have played the game together quite a bit. I would say this is quite an achievement for our crew here (goodness knows we’ve probably put twice the number into League of Legends).So a game has got to be good to have people that many hours into it right? Not really, hours alone is not enough, let us look at what else is great about KF.


Killing Floor is perhaps not he best looking game but there is something appealing about its graphics. The developers over at Tripwire Interactive did a fantastic job of creating a atmosphere within the game with the graphics. The maps are designed to look precisely as if a zombie outbreak was well underway. Many of the maps have a dark ,and horrifying look to them and there has been many of a time I have gotten the shakes out by a map, including a few that i refuse to play. So a job well done to how the graphics add to the atmosphere of the game.

Next we have the perks or classes. There are seven perks within the game: Field Medic, Support Specialist, Sharpshooter, Commando, Berserker, Firebug, and Demolitions. Bet you guys do not know which one I pick!! Okay you probably do, the Field Medic. The perks each bring something different to the table. Different perks/abilities come with being a certain perk, but a player can use the weapons of any of the other perks if they so wish (though they will be more expensive). I think that the perks are a great thing in KF, they bring a good amount of variety and pretty much allow for all types of players. Be it the person who likes to hang back and heal his squad members (me) or the person who likes to be up front slashing away (Berserker). I feel this is one of the strengths of the game, that and the variety of weapons offered in the game.

The game offers from my count on the wiki page about 50 weapons total. Fifty weapons total (counting dlc weapons) but not counting mod weapons for single player. Yes that is right mod weapons. If you get killing Floor through Steam you get to use the awesome modding that Steam has to offer for KF. This just adds even more to the variety of the game, plus not to mention customization. Add to that there also a good amount of DLC skins to buy from Steam in addition to skin you can mod KF with. Oh and you remember I said there were plenty of maps? There area total of 21 maps that Tripwire has rolled out for the game and a endless legion of mod maps you can download for the game (and even play multi-player on).

Honestly the single-player is the only downfall of the game in my opinion. And that is because this game is pretty boring by yourself. Yes that is my only reason for that. The game seems made for co-op (probably was), because who on earth wants to fight against zombies by themselves, not I. Yeah yeah, we all know I am big into the co-op experience but this is not my bias speaking out (maybe a little bit).

So if you are looking for a game that offers variety, customization, an endless amount of modding, and some good ol’ co-op zombie obliterating action Killing Floor is the game for you. You have my guaranteed word on it. All 142 hours spent on that game have been a fun experience. You can find Killing Floor here at Steam or here at Amazon. The $19.99 price tag on Steam is definitely worth it, plus if you go the Amazon route I do not believe you can mod as easily or easily get the DLC’s. Thanks for reading guys!!

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