Game Recommendation Of The Week – Mount And Blade

Hey guys Sai here! Sorry we’ve been so slow getting posts and videos out. Busy time of the year for us all, plus I have been feeling pretty ill for the past week, so not much getting done there. Hopefully we will be back no track here soon. For this weeks game recommendation I have pulled a game out of my box of many games and picked what has to be one of my top games of all time. Now if you did not guess it from the title , this game is Mount And Blade. I could definitely go into a full on review for this game but I will leave that for the sequel game to get the review! M&B is a RPG/Action/Sandbox-ish/Epic game developed by Tale Worlds Entertainment and published by Paradox Interactive. This game has held my interest for many a hours, though my Steam profile says only 15.3 hours I have a second copy on my Amazon account that I played for many more than that. Don’t get me wrong this game is not for everyone, as near the tail end of your experiences in Calradia (game world) it does get a little repetitive. But the sheer amount of customization and things to do will keep any RPG and action game lover occupied at least for a little while. Also did I mention any about the fact that you can siege castles, build armies, and engage in massive 300+ man battles? Yeah that is right..all of that is included in M&B. honestly though while M&B 1 is a damn fine game, its sequel Warband does the job better. Still though, I would recommend the first game to those that like these types of games, and I would also recommend any of its sequels, but we will get into those another time. You can find the game both at Steam for 14.99 and at Amazon for 8.97 (currently). thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for more videos and blog posts!!!


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I am a nerd/geek/casual gamer/nice person. I run the blog for the Taco Ninja Gamers internet group as well as manage our various social media spots. ( I am also the CEO of TNG).
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