Game Recommendation of The Week ~ Wanderlust:Rebirth

Gooood afternoon guys! Sai here! Today I am doing a game recommendation of the week! I realize I am kind of behind on these and the reviews but not always easy to find the time to sit down and write a long post about games. Anywho today’s game is one by the name Wanderlust: Rebirth. While I have not spent a large amount of time playing this game I have played enough to be able to recommend this game. Awhile back the TNG clan bought the game and we played it together for awhile. Let me tell you it was a lot of fun. The game calls itself a “co-op arcade-action RPG” (from Steam description), The game offers the player four different classes to play from and a multitude of avenues to build your characters. Be it a tank cleric or a super duper heavy damage warrior, there are quite a few choices in Wanderlust. While this game can be played solo with 3 ai bots playing alongside you it is absolutely not as fun that way. So if you have a few friends, want a fun game that is a blast to play pick this one up today!!!  One side note though: for the four of us it was kind of a pain to get a multi-player server set up, but once you figure it out it is easy.

You can find it on Steam here: 

May the Taco Ever Be With You!!


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I am a nerd/geek/casual gamer/nice person. I run the blog for the Taco Ninja Gamers internet group as well as manage our various social media spots. ( I am also the CEO of TNG).
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