League of Legends Minutia

Hey everybody, Sai here! Just a short -ish post on a few things related to the game League of Legends. Recently the Riot crew released a blog post talking about updating the bots that are in the game. This update is meant to make the bots more realistic (more human-like) and to add more “challenge”. Personally I am a fan of this update. As it stands the bots are not that much of a challenge, even the intermediate bots. Once you have played enough bot games you begin to notice their patterns and rotations and it makes it all too easy to plan accordingly. Hopefully with this update the bots will become more of a challenge than a 20 minute game that is just a slaughter. What do you guys think of the update? Are the bots in need of a overhaul like this? Let us know down below in the comments 🙂

You can find the blog post here.



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I am a nerd/geek/casual gamer/nice person. I run the blog for the Taco Ninja Gamers internet group as well as manage our various social media spots. ( I am also the CEO of TNG).
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