Game Recommendation Of The Week: Orcs Must Die 2

Hey guys! Sai here today with the game recommendation of the week! Honestly this one took me awhile to decide what i wanted to write about. I have not had the chance to play any new games lately nor had the chance to really record anything so I was not too sure what I wanted to do. So without further ado the recommendation of the week!

Do you like tower defense games? Do you likes traps? Do you enjoy blasting your enemies away? Do you like thinking of vicious ways to dispose of your foes? If that is so then please pick up Orcs Must Die 2. This game is an action, tower defense, co-op (when you want), strategy game. Honestly in my own opinion the co-op of the game makes the game all the more fun but hey even if you do not have a friend to play with the game is a lot of fun. I have spent a good few hours blowing orcs to smithereens on this game and can definitely recommend it to any action/tower defense fans.

Have you already played this game? If so what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!! 🙂


Taco On my friends!


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