LCS Sadness

Hey guys and gals, Sai here! So this week has bee na big week in the world of the LCS. There have been quite a few major changes on the rosters of quite a few teams. A few of these roster changes hit quite close to home. Many of you might not know but I am a huge fan of the TSM team. In the past few days TSM has let go their support player Xpecial and their jungler TheOddOne has stepped down from the roster as well. First off let me say I admire both these players very much. TSM letting Xpecial go I feel was a huge mistake. The synergy bot lane between Xpecial and WildTurtle was legendary. But alas I suppose not all good things last. Hopefully the new support Gleegarbu can fill in these shoes. Secondly as to OddOne stepping down. I am not certain that this was a bad thing but I am split in what I feel. I felt during the Spring Split that TSM was being brought down on numerous occasions in some games.  He admitted himself that he does not have the best mechanics and I can agree with that. I feel this hurt TSM a good few times in the LCS. He has in recent seasons seemingly lacked the mechanics of say Diamond (I absolutely love his Lee Sin plays). That being said I am extremely sad to see him go along with Xpecial. I wish them both the best of luck and I hope that Gleegarbu and OddOne’s successor (Amazing from Copenhagen Wolves) can fill these large shoes.

You can find two stories about this here and here.


Catch ya next time!!



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