LCS Summer Split Thoughts

As many of the League Championship viewers are aware the Season Four Summer Split started up last week. With all the recent changes with teams and their rosters I was quite impressed how some teams fared. Team Dignitas showed an impressive display of skill going undefeated surprisingly enough especially after just having a mid and too lane change. They even went as far as to trounce Cloud Nine pretty good. Speaking of C9 their performance was terrible. Yeah first game they took out TSM but after that their game was pretty poor. It even went so far that Complexity Gaming (a team not known for bring that good) taking them down. A huge upset, probably giving them false hope. TSM showed up fairly strong going 3-1, they did have sone issues with coordination though with the support and jungle changes for them. Overall the NA week 1 was pretty good with some pretty intense games. Afraid I did not watch much of the EU games so no comment. What did you guys think of week one?


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