Lookback Friday

So today I was looking through our videos on the page and I was amazed at how far we have come on our channel. When we first started it was pretty damn awkward in our videos. We often had silences or any attempt with humor was met with crickets in the background. Not saying that our videos now are not like this, but a lot of them I feel are not like that. I know personally for myself I do not feel as awkward trying to make videos anymore, even if my humor is lost on all but myself! 🙂  This video is a prime example of what we were. PLEASE forgive our terrible league playing skills or lack thereof. This was quite awhile ago. I watched that video the other and I cringed as I watched it. Hard to watch the videos from the past because we really were pretty bad. I feel we are coming into our own finally. Over a year ago (march 7 2013) we uploaded our first video to YouTube, and just now I think things are coming together. Yeah I may not always get videos uploaded when I say I will (shitty internet op) but video content wise it has gotten a lot better. Hopefully as we trudge onwards it will keep getting better and better! I would raise my glass and make a toast to that.



About saidin93

I am a nerd/geek/casual gamer/nice person. I run the blog for the Taco Ninja Gamers internet group as well as manage our various social media spots. ( I am also the CEO of TNG).
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