League of Legends Minutia

Hey everybody, Sai here! Just a short -ish post on a few things related to the game League of Legends. Recently the Riot crew released a blog post talking about updating the bots that are in the game. This update is meant to make the bots more realistic (more human-like) and to add more “challenge”. Personally I am a fan of this update. As it stands the bots are not that much of a challenge, even the intermediate bots. Once you have played enough bot games you begin to notice their patterns and rotations and it makes it all too easy to plan accordingly. Hopefully with this update the bots will become more of a challenge than a 20 minute game that is just a slaughter. What do you guys think of the update? Are the bots in need of a overhaul like this? Let us know down below in the comments 🙂

You can find the blog post here.



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Weekly Plan

Hey guys and ladies!! Sai here. Lately I have realized a lot of the content we have been releasing the past few weeks has been just Minecraft videos. Never fear though we have some varied content planned for release this week so keep an eye out for it. We are currently shooting for set days to release videos but with my schedule it rather hard to remain on schedule. Nevertheless we are going to try to release three videos a week. Monday, Wednesday, and then either Friday or Saturday. It is a toss up on the last day because the weekend is hectic but as we get more in the rhythm of this schedule I think we will see a set day instead of a either or.
Catch ya next time!


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Adventures In Minecraft Upload!!

Hey guys Sai here! Got episode 2 of our Adventures In Minecraft uploaded today! Hope you all enjoy. Let us know if there is anything you think we could do better. Also check out the new music on the start and end 😉 Is it good or bad? Personally I thought it fit but I supposed I am somewhat biased!

Taco On!


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New Minecraft Series

Hi guys and ladies!!! Sai here today with some good news, well what I think is good news. Finally after hemming and hawing and not getting a new series out for so long TNG has finally got one started. I present to you all Adventures In Minecraft With TNG! You can find Episode One here. This episode contains just a server preview of what we had when I uploaded it. The server is changing pretty fast so I will try to keep the  videos regular. Perhaps one a week maybe even more. I am super excited to be doing this series!

May the Taco ever be with you!


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Video Share!!!

Hey guys Sai here! Just a short post today, League-ish related. I found this really cool song on Youtube that fits really well with my favorite champion.  Which of course is Leona duh Open-mouthed smile As a Leona main I am always into hearing songs and stuff about her so I hope you all enjoy!



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Game Recommendation of The Week ~ Wanderlust:Rebirth

Gooood afternoon guys! Sai here! Today I am doing a game recommendation of the week! I realize I am kind of behind on these and the reviews but not always easy to find the time to sit down and write a long post about games. Anywho today’s game is one by the name Wanderlust: Rebirth. While I have not spent a large amount of time playing this game I have played enough to be able to recommend this game. Awhile back the TNG clan bought the game and we played it together for awhile. Let me tell you it was a lot of fun. The game calls itself a “co-op arcade-action RPG” (from Steam description), The game offers the player four different classes to play from and a multitude of avenues to build your characters. Be it a tank cleric or a super duper heavy damage warrior, there are quite a few choices in Wanderlust. While this game can be played solo with 3 ai bots playing alongside you it is absolutely not as fun that way. So if you have a few friends, want a fun game that is a blast to play pick this one up today!!!  One side note though: for the four of us it was kind of a pain to get a multi-player server set up, but once you figure it out it is easy.

You can find it on Steam here: 

May the Taco Ever Be With You!!


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Growing Our Viewer Base

Hey guys Sai here! So over the past few weeks and even months the fact of the TNG channels small viewer base has really bothered me. I have persevered nonetheless trying to spend more time on videos add a little more editing and add different types of games. While I think we have succeeded in adding more variety I feel there is probably a need for some more. So I have been thinking of ideas to add new viewers and perhaps to engage the community a bit. My thought is to make a video series for a discussion of sorts. Basically like vlog, take a topic ask the community a question and then answer the question myself. Nothing too serious, and most certainly game related but I feel it engages the community in the right way.  Just an update I guess of sorts on to a new sub path the channel might be taking. This does not mean we will not be uploading gameplay videos and what we have in the past; just simply a new series of videos. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any feedback would be appreciated. Taco On!!!!! ~Sai

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