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Risen Video Series (Play Through)

Hey guys! Your ever friendly Sai here today with a video update! My good friend and second in command here at TNG Kano, has started a new game play through. He is currently doing a play through of the game … Continue reading

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Growing Our Viewer Base

Hey guys Sai here! So over the past few weeks and even months the fact of the TNG channels small viewer base has really bothered me. I have persevered nonetheless trying to spend more time on videos add a little … Continue reading

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Do You Like Art?

As a part of my series of spotlighting Twitch streamers I have a new one today. The channel is streamed by a gamer by the name of Thorlar. He seems to be pretty popular. Past few times I have watched … Continue reading

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The Start of It All

Hey guys! Sai here. Ever wonder where we started? A blast from the past post today with a link to our very first YouTube video. Warning this video is 47 minutes long, and I do not expect anyone to actually … Continue reading

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New series?

Hey guys and gals! Just a short thoughts of the people post. Are there any games you guys would like us to do game plays on? Myself I have an extensive array of Steam games so I can make plenty … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation Of The Week – Mount And Blade

Hey guys Sai here! Sorry we’ve been so slow getting posts and videos out. Busy time of the year for us all, plus I have been feeling pretty ill for the past week, so not much getting done there. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Killing Floor Game Review

Hey guys this is Sai here! I am bringing you the game review of the week. This week I am rolling out one of my favorite games ever, and also the game that I have by far spent the most … Continue reading

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Video of the Week

Hey guys! Sai here. Just a quick short post for a new video upload. You’ve probably noticed I do not always post for all the videos, cause heck that would be a pain. But I try to post for every … Continue reading

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Mindless Blatherings Of A Sai

Hey guys, Sai here! Of course, who else would it be hehe. Just a short post on the new video uploaded to YouTube today. The link is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMCdYMLOmbw I’m also planning on uploading a video tomorrow so keep an … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation/Review of The Week

Hey guys Sai here with this week’s game recommendation/review of the week. For this week I have chosen one of my personal favorites to be recommended. This game is Battle for Wesnoth. This game was created in  2003 by David … Continue reading

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