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LCS Summer Split Thoughts

As many of the League Championship viewers are aware the Season Four Summer Split started up last week. With all the recent changes with teams and their rosters I was quite impressed how some teams fared. Team Dignitas showed an … Continue reading

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Skin Reviews

Hey guys Sai here! Coming at you today with a short blog post regarding League champion skin reviews. I recently found this website that does a lot of gaming related stuff but the thing that interested me the most was … Continue reading

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LCS Sadness

Hey guys and gals, Sai here! So this week has bee na big week in the world of the LCS. There have been quite a few major changes on the rosters of quite a few teams. A few of these … Continue reading

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League of Legends Minutia

Hey everybody, Sai here! Just a short -ish post on a few things related to the game League of Legends. Recently the Riot crew released a blog post talking about updating the bots that are in the game. This update … Continue reading

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Video Share!!!

Hey guys Sai here! Just a short post today, League-ish related. I found this really cool song on Youtube that fits really well with my favorite champion.  Which of course is Leona duh As a Leona main I am always … Continue reading

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League of Legends Patch 4.5

In case anyone missed this today, Riot released the patch notes for Patch 4.5. Some pretty awesome changes in there 🙂  You can find them here:

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Twitch Streams

Trying to start a new series for my posts, I am big into watching players stream on the broadcasting website Twitch. Twitch allows streamers to stream a large variety of games. I primarily use Twitch to watch the LCS games … Continue reading

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Game of Inches

Afternoon fellow ninjas! Just bringing you guys a gem that I’ve found out on the world wide web. Awesome video about teams, League and life. Hope you all enjoy!

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good one. New video out tonight, explains a bit about the delays we’ve been having. Hope you guys enjoy. Oh and while you are here check out this video by Phantomlord: Taric … Continue reading

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