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Mindless Blatherings Of A Sai

Hey guys, Sai here! Of course, who else would it be hehe. Just a short post on the new video uploaded to YouTube today. The link is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMCdYMLOmbw I’m also planning on uploading a video tomorrow so keep an … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation/Review of The Week

Hey guys Sai here with this week’s game recommendation/review of the week. For this week I have chosen one of my personal favorites to be recommended. This game is Battle for Wesnoth. This game was created in  2003 by David … Continue reading

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New Let’s Play

Hey guys, just a small update here. I’ve started a new Let’s Play for Elder Scrolls Oblivion. For the game I’m not sure if I will be doing a full LP seeing as the game is quite long. But for … Continue reading

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Hey guys Sai here! Just some upcoming things: we’ve got a new thing starting for us here on the site on Friday, game reviews!! I’ll not reveal what our reviews will be about but just letting you guys know this … Continue reading

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