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Lookback Friday

So today I was looking through our videos on the page and I was amazed at how far we have come on our channel. When we first started it was pretty damn awkward in our videos. We often had silences … Continue reading

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Game Of the Week: Dungeon Defenders

It has been awhile since I have popped a game of the week post out so here you go!! ( My apologies for that, having a hard enough time uploading videos). For this weeks game I have chosen Dungeon Defenders. … Continue reading

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League of Legends Minutia

Hey everybody, Sai here! Just a short -ish post on a few things related to the game League of Legends. Recently the Riot crew released a blog post talking about updating the bots that are in the game. This update … Continue reading

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Weekly Plan

Hey guys and ladies!! Sai here. Lately I have realized a lot of the content we have been releasing the past few weeks has been just Minecraft videos. Never fear though we have some varied content planned for release this … Continue reading

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Adventures In Minecraft Upload!!

Hey guys Sai here! Got episode 2 of our Adventures In Minecraft uploaded today! Hope you all enjoy. Let us know if there is anything you think we could do better. Also check out the new music on the start … Continue reading

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New Minecraft Series

Hi guys and ladies!!! Sai here today with some good news, well what I think is good news. Finally after hemming and hawing and not getting a new series out for so long TNG has finally got one started. I … Continue reading

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Video Share!!!

Hey guys Sai here! Just a short post today, League-ish related. I found this really cool song on Youtube that fits really well with my favorite champion.  Which of course is Leona duh As a Leona main I am always … Continue reading

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Growing Our Viewer Base

Hey guys Sai here! So over the past few weeks and even months the fact of the TNG channels small viewer base has really bothered me. I have persevered nonetheless trying to spend more time on videos add a little … Continue reading

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League of Legends Patch 4.5

In case anyone missed this today, Riot released the patch notes for Patch 4.5. Some pretty awesome changes in there 🙂  You can find them here:

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Do You Like Art?

As a part of my series of spotlighting Twitch streamers I have a new one today. The channel is streamed by a gamer by the name of Thorlar. He seems to be pretty popular. Past few times I have watched … Continue reading

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